What is NTS? – National Testing Service


NTS or National Testing Service is a testing agency that was founded in the year 2006 and has its headquarters located in Islamabad. The main aim of NTS is to provide a national scale on which the students’ performance is measured. Currently, NTS features two sorts of exams, NAT (short for National Aptitude Test) and GAT (short for Graduate Assessment Test). Both of these NTS tests are tough and are created for students seeking admission in educational institutes. NAT is for universities admission, and GAT is for graduates that are looking to pursue for higher studies.

Many people think that NTS is a government organization but in reality that’s not true. NTS is a private organization and is also recognized by the HEC (Higher Education Commission). NTS has been around for over 13 years now and there’s no doubt that it has come a long way. There were many changes throughout those past years but now NTS is known as a symbol of merit and many famous institutes like LUMHS, COMSATS, BZU, IUB, etc now require you to pass an NTS test in order to get admission. Additionally, NTS isn’t only aimed for students, it also plays an important part in governmental and private organizations recruitment.

NTS plays an important role in our education system and people feel pride when the pass an NTS exam. They are also very well reputated in foreign countries as well. NTS offers many different types of tests or exams for different scenarios or categories such as; admissions, scholarships, recruitment, assessment, promotion, etc. All of these different categories tests can further be divided into two main types, namely National and International tests.

The National tests are conducted for the people planning to live in Pakistan. Basically, these tests can be for admission in a particular NTS-based university or a Job that requires you to pass an NTS exam. On the other hand, the International Tests is the type of test that is accepted globally. These are mostly language-proficiency tests that are required when you are planning to abroad. These tests are compulsory for immigration to another country like Canada, USA, Australia, etc.

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