WAPDA Jobs: WAPDA, which stands for Water and Power Development Authority, is a governmental organization whose responsibility is to provide and maintain power and water in our country. However, one thing to take in to consideration is that the thermal energy resources doesn’t fall into the division of WAPDA. The headquarters of WAPDA are situated in Lahore, Punjab.

This governmental body came into existence in around 1958. It was developed in order to merge the maintenance of infrastructure. Before that, every province has its own organization.

WAPDA announces latest jobs almost every month and they include job postings like Meter Reader, Lineman, Inspector, Electricians, Technicians and many other. The WAPDA jobs are usually announced by their HR department but sometimes various vacancies come under NTS and PTS categories too! So, make sure to bookmark this page in order to stay updated with all the latest jobs in WAPDA.

The minimum level of education required is matric and intermediate but if you happen to have a higher education such as bachelors, graduate, or masters then it will definitely add up to the chances of your getting selected for that job. Since, WAPDA is a huge government organization that has thousands of employees that are spread across the country, you can apply from any city or district.

Most likely, there shall be an entrance exam/test that you will have to pass in order to get selected for the interview process. The recruitment process used to be conducted by NTS but now they have assigned PTS or Pakistan Testing Service for that. Additionally, you can also checkout WAPDA’s official website, which is www.wapda.gov.pk to find all the latest news about upcoming vacancies.

Apply For Jobs in WAPDA

Most people hesitate or have a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about how to apply for WAPDA jobs in Pakistan. Well, do not worry anymore because below you will see a list that explains everything in a much simple tone and language. However, if you still have questions or confusions then please do not hesitate to send them to us.

  • Most people would be already familiar with this crucial step and that is to download the WAPDA Job Application form. You can either download it from the official WAPDA website or PTS (Pakistan Testing Service)
  • However, if you are not using any of the above mentioned methods and are opting for the direct apply, then you can simply mail your completed application form to the WAPDA headquarters. Also, make sure to attach all the necessary documents.
  • In case of a test/exam that is being conducted by PTS, then you should fill out the form properly and deposit the fee. Lastly, just submit your application form alongside with your deposit slip.
  • That was all! They will contact you by themselves if your selected for the interview process.

Right below you will see the complete list of all the WAPDA jobs that are currently available. You just have to pick the one which suits you and click that “Apply Now” link, then you shall be redirected to another page where you will find all the necessary information on how to apply for that particular vacancy.