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The DOW Chemical Company is a well-known international chemical company that is situated in Michigan, United States. It is the 3rd largest chemical producing company in the entire world! The company specializes in the manufacturing of plastics, chemicals and also agricultural items. The DOW Chemical Company is spread across 160 different countries and has around 54000 people working every day and night. It is also a main participant of the American Chemistry Council.

The main products that DOW produces are mainly plastics and synthetic rubbers. The company also specializes in producing agricultural chemicals. DOW’s quarter percent of the sales comes from items made for automotive and construction companies. The type of plastics that they manufacture are known as polyethylene and polypropylene. It also holds the record for being the largest chlorine maker in the entire world.

The DOW Chemical Company was founded by a chemist named Herbert Henry Dow in 1897. He discovered a new technique that can help extract the bromine that was known to be underground. At first, the company only dealt with bleach and potassium bromide but later in time, a bunch of manufacturers from British tried to outdo DOW by reducing their prices in half and then DOW also had to reduce it’s prices to keep the sales coming in. However, later that year, he lost around $90,000. That was the time when he started diversifying his items. And just under 20 years, DOW became a well-known manufacturer of things like agricultural chemicals, chlorine, phenol, dyestuffs, and magnesium metal.

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Job Title
Refractory Specialist, USApply Now!
EH&S Delivery Leader, Korea Apply Now!
Logistics Intern, South Africa Apply Now!
Reliability Engineer, US Apply Now!
Energy Specialist, Germany Apply Now!
Functional Cost Accountant, India Apply Now!
Improvement Engineer, Netherlands Apply Now!
Lab Analyst, France Apply Now!

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