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Air Macau Company Limited (AMC) is the flag carrier airline of Macua, which serves 24 destinations in mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam from its hub Macau International Airport. In 2014, This airline gets 2.12 million passengers with an average load factor of 68.20% and it takes off 15,900 tons of cargo and mails.

Air Macau was established on 13 September, 1994 and It started business operations on 9th of November, 1995 with a flight from Macau to Beijing and Shanghai. There was no Air Service in Macau since 1962 other than the Helicopter Service. In 1999 Macau Airline gets 1.1 million passengers each year and the company goal is to provide safety and comfort to their passengers and keep the quality of the airline maintained and this is the only reasons that a lot of people choose this airline in Macau to go anywhere they want to go.

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The Macau Airline serves 24 destinations in present including 15 destinations to Mainland China. Seaplane Service had been given by Macau Air Transport Company from 1948-1961 and then one aircraft service between Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei was began on 8 December, 1995. The first pure-freighter service was introduced on 7 October, 2002, which was between Taipei and Shenzhen through Macau. In 2006 Air Macau was taken by China National Aviation Holdings, TAP Air Portugal, STDM, EVA Air, The Government Of Macau, and Macau Investors. After TAP Air Portugal buys a share in Macau Air, then the TAP sold its share to Air China in 2010. The CEO of Air Macau is Zhu Songyan. The head office of Air Macau is in the Edifício CNAC (currently) in Sé (Cathedral Parish) on the Macau Peninsula.

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