How To Prepare For PPSC Test


It is many people’s dream to pass a Federal or Provincial Public Service Commission exam. Well, mostly because these are the only few government organizations left that offer a higher level of transparency and merit. However, because of these advantages, the PPSC test becomes harder and harder every time to maintain its respect and credibility. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore because in this guide we will explain all the crucial points and tips that will help you pass your PPSC test and finally get a PPSC Job.

The PPSC test holds 100 marks and these marks are divided into various subjects like General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, English, General Science, and Basic Maths. Now, you might be asking that we know the subjects but where to prepare for them? Well, to answer that question, I have asked many of my successful friends and almost all of them recommended me about the Imtiaz Shahid’s Solved PPSC book. One good thing about preparing from a past paper book is that a good number of questions get repeated in these sort of tests.

Most people take General Knowledge for granted because it’s such a vast subject and one can find itself helpless in this particular subject. In cases like such, the past papers can give you the idea about what kind of questions might appear in the final exam. Now to prepare for General Knowledge, I would like to suggest you the Ilmi’s GK Capsules. It’s a book that was recommended by my friend. This book shall help you perform better in not only in your PPSC exam but in all the future exams that may persist.

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