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Pak Navy Jobs 2020: Pak Navy is a branch of Pak Armed Forces. The Pak Navy was formed when the country got its independence from United Kingdom on the date of 14th August, 1947. The main task of Pak Navy is to defend and safegaurd the sea borders of our country. Additionally, Pak Navy also has wide variety of war assets that are currently used in special operations across the country and as well as overseas. Pak navy has been deployed in the India Ocean multiple times during tensions between Pakistan and India.

Furthermore, Pak Navy is divided into various smaller branches like, Aviation, Coast Guards, and Marines. It also holds the ability to fire underwater missiles at target enemies. The constitution hands over the Commander-in-Chief role to the present President of Pakistan. However, the Pak Navy is commanded by the Chief of Naval Staff, which basically is chosen from senior group of members of Joint Chief of Staffs.

Join Pak Navy announces recruitement opportunities to young men and women each year. The vacancies come in different navy branches such as, Coast Guards, IT, Education, Marine, Technical, and many others. Most Pak Navy jobs requires a candidate to have at least completed Intermediate or Bachelors. You can find all the latest and upcoming Pak Navy jobs here on our website or you can also visit the official website at to apply for various jobs.

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