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As we all know that Dubai is one of the largest and also most populous city in the UAE. Dubai is mostly known for it’s exotic lifestyle and luxury sportscars. However, Dubai is also the business hub of Middle East. Many people think that Dubai has “Oil Money” or that most of their revenues comes from Oil trading but that’s not true now, because today oil brings them less than 5% of the total revenue. Mostly Dubai’s revenue is based on tourism, aviation and real estate.

Dubai is also most likely to host the EXPO 2020, which is a Universal Scale Registered Exposition that is approved by the Bureau of International Expositions Paris. Dubai also holds the record for being the largest immigrant population in the entire world. The weekends in Dubai are a little different than the rest of the world, most schools, universities and major corporations allow Friday and Saturday as a holiday. However, some companies do let their employs to work half day on Thursdays and full day on Saturdays.

Since Dubai currently holds the record for being the fastest growing cities in the world, the need for better more modern infrastructures and advanced transport system increases. The government of Dubai is iniating a new agenda whose main motive is to improve the overall public transportation facilities for the public and that also includes the repairing of old roads to provide better travel to the people of Dubai.

You can apply for this job by clicking on the below clickable link. Our good wishes are with you in your job search journey. Keep applying to various jobs and keep working hard until you find a good one.

Job Title
Executive Secretary Apply Now!
Manager Apply Now!
Senior Specialist Apply Now!
Major Specialist Strategic Transport Planning Apply Now!
Maintenance of Train Locomotives Manager Apply Now!
Major Specialist Strategic Transport Planning Apply Now!
Senior Specialist Data Management Apply Now!
Director of Security Planning & Development Apply Now!
Director of Corporate Oversight Apply Now!
Director of Quality Assurance Apply Now!

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