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M.H Alshaya Co. is an international retail stores and their main headquarters are situated in Kuwait. M.H Alshaya Corporation is a really big retail company that operates about 90 different retail brands across different parts of the world like, Middle East, North Africa, Russia etc. Apart from their retail business, they also have invested their money in various different areas like real estate, hotels, construction, automobiles trading, and their business mostly revolves around Middle East.

This giant company was founded in Kuwait in 1890 and was initially a shipping company. As time passed, the company decided to diversify their business by building a 5-star hotel named Sheraton in the center of Kuwait city. At that time, it was the first Sheraton hotel that was outside of the United States. Later on, the company started to purchase different famous brands franchises around the globe. They have rights to a lot of famous brands in the Middle East like, H&M’s, Pottery Barn, Victoria’s Secret, and Starbucks to name a few.

M.H Alshaya Co. deals in a very broad area of retail categories such as Fashion, Footwear, Food, Health, Beauty, Pharmacy, Optics, Home Furnishings, Leisure and Entertainment. The M.H Alshaya currently has around 3000 stores around different continents and have around 46,000 employees working for them every day and night.

Latest Jobs at M.H Alshaya Co.

As a leader in the retail industry, M.H Alshaya Co. features some of the world’s famous brands. The company is open for all the people around the globe regardless of their ethnicity and country. Not only that, but the company let’s you grow and provides you opportunities that you won’t find elsewhere. By working at M.H Alshaya Co. you will be continuing to build your experience and confidence. The company’s main motive is to help the public to enjoy their lives and to have our product in each and every home in the world!

You can apply for this job by clicking on the below clickable link. Our good wishes are with you in your job search journey. Keep applying to various jobs and keep working hard until you find a good one.

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