The Beginners Guide To PPSC Interview


Many people already know that but it’s worth repeating that interview plays a really important role in your selection. Its very rare to find a job that doesn’t require an interview. Almost every job that you apply to will indeed require an interview and that interview possess more weight than your written exam. The marking of PPSC is as follow; 50 marks for the written exam and 100 marks for interview. By considering the marking system of PPSC, if you pass your written exam but your interview doesn’t go good then you will have to try again which can be more frustrating than the first time.

That is why I’m writing this post to guide you guys about how to prepare for PPSC interview. All these tips that you see here are from personal and other people’s experience. Most people think that the more knowledge you have, the more chances there will be of you getting selected but that’s not true. There are other factors that play an important role in the interview too and some of these factors are; communication skills, personality, appearance, confidence, and many other things.

Below you will see the list of all the important things that you should keep in mind while going in for your PPSC interview:

Personal Introduction

Greet the interview conducting panel with a proper formal greeting. Most probably they will ask you to introduce yourself. You should not try to make your personal introduction lengthy and boring but precise and to-the-point that attracts the interests of the interviewing panel. In any interview, it is important to mention your speciality and experience in a way that is formally presentable. Because the presentation plays a much larger role than content in your interview. So, if you are weak at presenting yourself then you should definitely start working on it as early as possible.

Educational Background

The second thing that they ask about the most is your educational background. The interview panel then asks a question regarding your major, for example, a friend of mine had a major in English Literature and so the interview committee started questioning about the specified major. These questions aren’t these difficult to answer because one would already know the answers to them. But make sure to study or revise your subjects in order to have a fantastic interview experience.

Questions Regarding The Job Department

Most of your interview will revolve around this point. If you fail in this then your chances of getting selected are less than the Siberian tigers left on earth. Typically, there are three members in the interview panel and one of them will be from the department that you are applying for. So, make sure to answer all these questions correctly. Many people have told us from their experience that if you perform well in this section of the interview then you are chances of actually getting the job are higher.

General Knowledge Questions

The last but not the least, they will ask you few general knowledge questions regarding Pakistan and Islam. So, make sure to brush up your Pakistan Studies and Islamic knowledge a little bit. Mostly, this section doesn’t play an important role in the interview but it is good to be prepared.

So, that was all. We hope that you enjoyed our little article about the beginner’s guide to PPSC interview. Please, do share our article with your social circles. In case of any questions, just leave them in the comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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